A family history since 1880


LMA ("Le Meilleur d'Amiens" – “The best from Amiens”) is the flagship brand of the company LEBEURRE SAS. Based in 1880 in Amiens, the family business was completely destroyed during the war. Rebuilt at the Hamel, it was then implanted in Querrieu in 1972.


Historically specialized in corduroy and workwear, the company also now offers casual clothing and hunting wear.


In 1983, the company started the manufacture of certain articles, in partnership with the Maghreb. The first fabrications in Asia were launched in 1995.


Since 2002, LEBEURRE SAS its design office, the cornerstone of the company.


In 2009, the arrival of a commercial director reinforced the sales team, now composed of 7 exclusive sales agent and 10 sales representatives.


The establishment since 2010 of a permanent and exclusive office in Asia, allows a quality follow-up and a sourcing of new partners.

In 2014, LMA has again strengthened its sales team and integrates its export sales representative, basis of a structured approach to expand internationally.